So summer has been in effect some time now but, its actually going to start for me pretty soon. This week were actually going to be able to step foot in the Store @ Alamo ranch and so no more long drives to the quarry for training. ill finally be working again and have some form of income. i have spent too much time hating on myself for not being able to provide everything for Geoffrey. and I’m glad that my primary form of income will be from actual work and not student loans that are going to bite me in the ass after i graduate, The $900 a semester does not go far at all. having only about $225 a month to spend is difficult. and the new job will definitely make things around here a hell of a lot more comfortable. i just want to be able to buy things for myself once in awhile, and it seems like the list of stuff i want to buy is never ending. ive set my mind on buying Cydney a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag for her birthday, i want a macbook 2.4ghz with alumminated keyboard, i want a matte black nikon 12.1mp powershot, and then there is the things i cant even think of being within my reach like a new car. i Hate being teased to no end, its like if you can afford to buy me a car then don’t talk about how your thinking of buying me one. that just tears me apart. i as things are already feel terrible about my body and where i am in life don’t make me feel worse.


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