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A day at the witty

I took Cydney and Geoffrey to the San Antonio Witty Museum, which is a children’s museum her in town. And to say the least Geoffrey had a blast.


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So summer has been in effect some time now but, its actually going to start for me pretty soon. This week were actually going to be able to step foot in the Store @ Alamo ranch and so no more long drives to the quarry for training. ill finally be working again and have some form of income. i have spent too much time hating on myself for not being able to provide everything for Geoffrey. and I’m glad that my primary form of income will be from actual work and not student loans that are going to bite me in the ass after i graduate, The $900 a semester does not go far at all. having only about $225 a month to spend is difficult. and the new job will definitely make things around here a hell of a lot more comfortable. i just want to be able to buy things for myself once in awhile, and it seems like the list of stuff i want to buy is never ending. ive set my mind on buying Cydney a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag for her birthday, i want a macbook 2.4ghz with alumminated keyboard, i want a matte black nikon 12.1mp powershot, and then there is the things i cant even think of being within my reach like a new car. i Hate being teased to no end, its like if you can afford to buy me a car then don’t talk about how your thinking of buying me one. that just tears me apart. i as things are already feel terrible about my body and where i am in life don’t make me feel worse.

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a little bit of this…

 Okay so it would be suffice to say that today has been a complete mind fuck, My dad started out well. After breakfast with my son Geoff we ran around the house chasing each other  and watched “Handy Manny”, one of Geoffrey’s favorites. Then we went to go run some aryans around town pretty simple huh? so we drop off my sister@ the Gym, went by usaa to make a deposit and then off to La Cantera to grab Geoff some lunch because at this point we were cutting things a little too close to his lunch time which is 11 o’clock. Then go pick up The Aunties from the gym, they want mexican so we stop @ taco cabana where a huge argument ensues, over the lack of communication of what each other wanted from tc, Geoff and I sat this one out and let my mom and two sisters talk it out. We get home and its time for Geoff to take his after noon nap.  he begins to fall asleep when all of a sudden he jumps which scares him and he begins to cry. My mom comes into the bedroom poking her head around … i tell her “he fine he just scared himself, can you please close the door” she huffs and leaves he is still a little shaken up and is resting on my shoulder crying, im patting him on the back and humming his favorite song,  when again … my mom opens the door again this time taking a step into the room, i repeat to her “He’s okay he just got scared, can you please the door” she grumbles and again closes the door… all this disruption of his sleep pattern makes geoff continue to cry and a moment later she storms back into his bedroom turns on the lights which of course makes the poor boy scream. she starts off on a rant explaining to me to give Geoffrey to her because clearly i don’t know how to sooth him, i tell her no thanks i got it please turn off the light and close the door, he is trying to sleep. she informs me that she will not leave the room, i inform her that i have control over the situation and for her to leave. she will not and does not until one of my sisters enters the room and tells her to come on out to the living room with her, so Geoff can sleep. she storms out, and i tell no lie Geoff went to sleep in less than 4 minutes after she stopped with all the disruption. no i’m just a bit frazzled and am sitting @ my work desk avoiding conversation with my mother until things cool down a bit.

so all in all i say my day is pretty much shot… and has been completely nauseating a little bit of this a little too much of that…


>>Revolt Worldwide  x Carlos

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Hello World!

Welcome to the Revolt  family! My name is Carlos I have been wanting to start up a blog consisting posts about all the things i am passionate about (i.e. art, fashion, design, music, etc…). if you have ideas for any contributions post a comment and ill credit you. So you can look forward to all my postings & hope that you will enjoy my blog and bookmark me.

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